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2016 GOP Platform Foreign Policy Highlights

Foreign Assistance Critical to Advance U.S. Interests

“In today’s world of complex challenges, international assistance is a critical tool for advancing America’s security and economic interests…a strong commitment to international development and diplomacy, alongside defense, was a key component of President Reagan’s ‘peace through strength’ strategy.”

– GOP Platform

the Republican Convention ratified their party’s 2016 Platform in Cleveland on july 18. Here’s what it says about America’s role in the world:

  • Reinforces Foreign Assistance as a Critical Tool

    The platform states “Foreign aid must serve America’s interests first,” adding it “is a critical tool for advancing America’s security and economic interests by preventing conflict, building stability, opening markets for private investment, and responding to suffering and need with the compassion that is at the heart of our country’s values.” It notes that a “strong commitment to international development and diplomacy” was central to President Reagan’s vision of peace through strength, and can “serve as an alternative means of keeping the peace, far less costly both in dollars and in human lives than military engagement.”

  • Encourages Aid as Catalyst for Private Sector Investment

    The platform embraces political freedom and economic growth as the “only sustainable solution to poverty.” It praises recent efforts to use foreign assistance as a “catalyst for private sector investment to combat corruption, strengthen the rule of law, and open new markets for American goods and services in a competitive global economy.” The document underscores a “new model of foreign assistance that helps ensure taxpayer dollars are spent on projects that are effective, results-driven, transparent, and accountable” and calls for the United States to “embrace this model throughout our foreign assistance programs.”

  • Pledges to Partner with Africa

    Recognizing “Africa’s extraordinary potential,” the platform pledges the U.S. will “be the best partner of all African nations in their pursuit of economic freedom and human rights.” The platform praises George W. Bush’s HIV and AIDS relief programs and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which “continue to save millions of lives.” The document also reinforces America’s commitment to cooperate with Africa against terrorism.

  • Commits to Advancing Human Rights & Renewing Alliances

    The platform commits to advancing human rights around the world. It highlights America’s continuing participation in the international campaign against human trafficking and promotes the defense of religious freedom around the world. The platform also calls for renewing America’s alliances, saying NATO’s “continued effectiveness is vital” while demanding that fellow NATO allies meet their commitments to invest in their own militaries.

“The ultimate importance to the United States of our security and development assistance programs cannot be exaggerated.”
Ronald Reagan

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